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I have made several short films(in total 14) during and after my film education and none of these were screened due to the limitations and political restrictions in Iran.

I don't have the original of most of my film experiences I have made in Iran to publish them here.

The topics and the atmospheres in my movies are dark; there are themes of death and an empty, meaningless life with characters who have gotten accustomed to this meaninglessness.


Filmography as a Director & Editor: The Land of Ah (1985-Iran), The land of nothing (1989-Iran), The Land of the death (1991-Iran), Black (1992-Iran), The Blue Room (1995-Iran), The End of The Sea (1998-Iran), La La (2001-Canada), The Peacock (2004-Canada), The Rooster / Le Coq (Canada-2012), Goodbye Edna (Canada-2012).


Filmography as an Editor: Wedding Murders (2006-Canada), Forbidden Sun Dance (2009-Canada), The Final Word (2008-09-Canada), The Food Space (2009-Canada), The African-Baluchi Trance Dance (2012-Canada), There is a garden 2015), Let the Sea Wonder (2016), Only the Crow Knows Him(2018).

I don't have most of my old experiences but here are some examples:



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Goodbye Edna(2014)   Director, writer and editor: Aryan Arian

The African-Baluchi Trance Dance(2012). A documentary By Behnaz  Editor: Aryan Arian

There is a Garden(2015) by Masoud Raouf   Editor: Aryan Arian

Black(1992). Director and editor: Aryan Arian

Forbidden Sundance(2009) by Lila Ghobadi.  Camera & Editor: Aryan Arian

Blue Room(1995). Director, writer and editor: Aryan Arian